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Tulsa Skyride Cannot Be Relocated in the USA

To run again anywhere in the United States, the Tulsa Skyride has to run right where it is. Relocation is not an option, except to another country.

Relocating a ropeway is considered to be a new installation. All new installations must comply with the current codes and standards that regulate ropeways in the United States. The Von Roll skyrides are grandfathered in that they may remain in operation only right where they are. If a Von Roll skyride were to be relocated it would not meet the current design codes even though all Von Roll skyrides meet current safety standards.

Many people have suggested moving the Tulsa Skyride to Gathering Place, a new Bell’s Amusement Park, or even downtown. While any new Tulsa location for the skyride would be wonderful, it just can’t happen. We have to work out a solution for saving the Tulsa Skyride right where it is right now.

Meanwhile, Gathering Place and other Tulsa venues should start looking into adding a new skyride of their own. Check out the video of this amazing Doppelmayr skyride in Sweden that provides a wild animal safari viewing experience as the gondolas traverse a complex aerial layout. Just imagine something like this at Gathering Place and River Parks. It could soar over Gathering Place as well as across the Arkansas River.

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Save our skyride and dream big, Tulsa! Be sure to visit our homepage to see how you can easily take action to help save the Tulsa Skyride.

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Why can’t it be run during other events at the Fairgrounds? There are weekends when many things are going on and it might make sense to run it then? Horse shows? Gun Shows? Boat and Travel Show? Other show that folks go to as families?

CONTACT THE GOVERNMENT AND GIVE IT A PARDON SO IT CAN BE IMMUNE TO THAT LAW!!! (The person who wrote the law probably isn’t even alive and probably would have not imagined it would cause anyone this much distress)

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