Tulsa Skyride Petition

NOTE: The petition was submitted to the Tulsa County Public Facilities Authority on February 22, 2023 for being placed in the public record for the regular meeting held on February 23, 2023. The petition was submitted to Teresa Talley of Expo Square as directed by Laurie Moody, Public Information Office, Tulsa County.

The petition remains open to collect additional signatures that may be submitted at a later date.

Please support the Tulsa Skyride by signing the petition below! The skyride needs your support NOW. Please sign and encourage everyone else you know to sign the petition.

The Tulsa Skyride:

  • did not operate at the 2021 and 2022 Tulsa State Fairs
  • is at real risk of never running again and being taken down
  • has been modernized and renovated with hundreds of thousands of dollars invested over the last several years
  • is a rare gem that is historic and is an incredible asset to the fair, Tulsa, and Oklahoma
  • is a Tulsa tradition and family favorite since 1965

For more information about the skyride’s endangered status, see our home page. Also read comments in support of the skyride received in responses to the petition. Then come back here to sign the petition!

The completed petition will be presented to the Tulsa County Public Facilities Authority (aka Fair Board) along with the Mayor and City Council of Tulsa and any other relevant public official as needed. To contact members of the Tulsa County Public Facilities Authority Board directly, see: Fair Board information.

Thank you for supporting the Tulsa Skyride! Note: You do NOT have to sign in to Google to submit a petition response.

Petition to save the Tulsa Skyride

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Privacy Information

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Your petition response is entered into Google Forms where it is securely stored. The petition responses will be deleted from Google once the petition effort has ended. Please see our draft privacy policy.

If you haven’t yet signed, please sign the petition to help save the Tulsa Skyride!