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[Note: Many have suggested moving the Tulsa Skyride to another location in Tulsa. However, current US ropeway codes prohibit this. See: Tulsa Skyride Cannot Be Relocated in the USA.]

I grew up riding this at the fair and not only was it a great way to make it from one side to the other, the views were amazing. This is one attraction that is worth funding from other sources, whether it pays for itself or not.

Dan Vise

We have lost Bell’s, the KELI Building, changes to Midway than when I grew up, and so many more things, this is devastating to think of losing the Skyride too!!!! You are changing everything that was Tulsa!!! The Skyride NEEDS TO STAY!! Don’t keep ruining what made Tulsa Great

Greg Crosser

The TSF sky ride is much of an iconic Tulsa landmark as the Golden Driller and the ORU Prayer Tower. It needs to stay functional and in Tulsa!

Kevin Adkins

I wish they would put it by the gathering place over the river, just think of the possibilities and benefits of it being there

Michael Goad

Save it please! It is the past present and future to everyone in Oklahoma!!

Kathy Ettinger

Stop being cheap and save our history

Blake Roller

My grandfather’s electric company (Cougler Electric) did the wiring for the Skyride when it was first built, and I would ride every year as a kid. The Skyride is a Tulsa landmark and needs to stay that way.

Cole Woodard

Please save our SkyRide !!!

Alan Dimond

Please don’t shut down the skyride it’s a Tulsa icon.

Heike Feller

If they get rid of Skyride, I will never be back to Tulsa State Fair. Being Oklahoma copies things from Texas, Texas is not getting rid of their Skyride

Glen Singer

A favorite of mine for YEARS! Too good to waste!

Kimberlee Ryan

Please don’t take our sky ride away!!!!!

Lyric Crane

Please save our Tulsa history. Somethings just can’t be replaced!

Sandra Jones

Tulsa already royally screwed up by taking away our beloved Bells without the consent of the people in this state and the tulsa area! We are fed up with government just doing what it wants without consulting us who pay your wages! Leave the skyride where it is and stop trying to destroy our oklahoma heritage and history and lifelong attractions! Our kids will never know the fun and thrills that were had at Bells and now you want to wipe out the last remaining remnant of that great place! Cease and desist your nonsense!

Gaylord Kennedy

Rope ways are amazing, efficient means of transportation. A lot of great memories, too. Keep this Skyride going for many years to come and redistribute the Tulsa State Fair layout to incentivize a ride on this beautiful ride in the sky.

Robert Warren

Save skyride please

Dan Milnor

No need to rush to remove this ride yet our elected officials seem to be pushing this forward behind closed doors without any input from Tulsa citizens or even without our knowledge. Seems very reminiscent of 2006 when Bell’s was quickly and quietly evicted from Expo Square. I remember back then they said there were big plans for that spot and it wouldn’t be turned into a parking lot. Huh that’s weird since it’s now a parking lot.

Jeff Howard

Please keep it open during the fair! It’s my favorite ride!

Mary Ruppert

As a Tulsa native, the Skyride was one of my two favorite attractions at Tulsa County Fairgrounds during Tulsa State Fair (the other being the now-demolished KELi satellite studios). The Skyride is part of what makes our Fairgrounds unique. Amid the capital improvements and newer fairgrounds buildings in recent years, we need to hold on to (and maintain for continued usefulness!) these amazing assets from yesterday that give the Fairgrounds a sense of its mid-century history.

Jerry Roberson

Save this Tulsa Treasure!!!!!!

Craig Mulkey

I’ve loved the Sky Ride ever since I was a kid. Being a Tulsa native this breaks my heart that they are in the process of shutting it down for good.

Trevor Owens

Please keep the Sky Ride! It’s a fun ride that should stay so that other people and kids will be able to experience it. Taking it down will remove that and that breaks my heart.

Natalie Vergara

Needs to be relocated to Rt 66

Robert Ketchum

Let’s move it and save it…enough history is being destroyed!!!

Nicole Skelton

I go on the Skyride every single year and take the most gorgeous photos from the ride. It is a staple of the Tulsa State Fair and I would be devastated to see it go.

Molly Marsh

The Skyride has to be saved! There can be ways that it can operate more times a year other than just at the state fair. It’s part of Tulsa, to take it down would be like taking down the Tulsa Driller. The Skyride is the main reason why I go to the Tulsa State Fair. It has to stay. So many other parts of Tulsa have been razed over the years, before we know it, there will be nothing left but memories. If the city would really want to do something good with it, offer to help Bell’s move it to their new location, if they just absolutely have to have it out of their parking lot. That would really show that the city of Tulsa want’s to do the right thing for the community. To share those memories with the new generation of kiddos would mean more than any dollar amount.

Sadie Uneberg

More reason they should have left Bells at the fairgrounds

William Riley

I can’t imagine the fair without the Sky Ride. It is easily my favorite thing about the fair!

Tyler Stout

Move the sky ride down to the Arkansas river. How cool would it be to go over the river into the gathering place!!

Michael Hollaway

Grew up riding it every year at the fair and now I even take my children on it every year at the fair when we go! This ride is a family tradition.

Cierra Schultz

Another part of Tulsa’s history that we should save to share with future generations. We’ve already lost the stock car races, Bells Amusement Park and the unique water towers. If we lose the Skyride what will be next? The Golden driller? I hope not.

Dennis Pagano

We love the SkyRide…..don’t let it go by the wayside!!😊

Debbie Marsh

It’s an icon and we can donate to have it fixed back up!!! Don’t take it like they took Bells!!!!

Kathy Ettinger

We always talk about historic tulsa well we keep tearing down everything historic so historic tulsa does not exist from bells amusement Park to the bridge across the Arkansas River this deserves to be preserved if for no other reason than as a tribute to a time gone by and an amusement park that everyone wants back but is left in the past the same way this ride will be if it is demolished.

Jason Moore

While the history at the fairgrounds is cool (I used to live at 17th and Jamestown and was a huge proponent of keeping Bell’s in place)…relocate it to where it could generate operating revenue most of the year. Somewhere like Gathering Place, downtown, etc.

Ronald Malay

Save a piece of Tulsa history please !!!

Bruce Gourd

Stop taking away all the good memories!

Karen Metcalf

If you don’t save the sky ride at the fairgrounds put it at the Gathering Place. It is a Tulsa icon

Jeff Stutsman

Sky Rides are a dying breed, so this one should be saved!

David Mahan

Try to save it!!!

Jane Maxey

From the time I was a small child (I am 60 now), I have looked forward to new experiences at the Tulsa State Fair. Those have always been balanced by some unchanging aspects of the fair, of which, the Skyride has been first and foremost.

Michael Phillips

It is a great attraction and was very popular. It would be a shame to not operate it. It is something Tulsa has over other fairs. Why would you not operate it?

John Rittenoure

I can’t imagine the fairgrounds and the fair without this gem! It’s a valuable piece of living history with a great backstory.

Jack Stallings

Save the skyride!!!!!

Guy Aguirre

Save the skyride. I rode it in 2012.

Jerald Harden

We are always okay with Tulsa growing, and changing, but this is truly a piece of our history that needs to be preserved. The fair gets less intriguing year after year, if this is removed, I’m sure that would be the straw that broke the camel’s back.

Vivian Casillas

This Von Roll must stay alive!

Will Stokes

If it is removed it should be given to the bells family for the new park!!!!!

Gunnar Klaassen

This is a pleasurable sky ride I rode when Bell’s was still operational here. It’s an historical part of Tulsa and a landmark that should be saved.

Mark C.

One of the last detachable historic ropeways has to be saved for the future !

Markus Lehmann

I love sky ride type rides like this. This is a historic gem!

Robert Brownfield

Don’t take it down. It’s Unique

Bert Booltink

I worked at Cedar Point on Sky Ride which is also by VonRoll. These rides need to be saved and cherished!

Andrew Creech

We at the Amusement Preservation Museum feel it is important that the Sky Ride remains to preserve the history of a once common attraction and piece of Americana, and allow for memories to be made for years to come!

Troy Parsh

Love the sky ride! I always ride it

Candi Morgan

Please save.

Phillip Thirion

Skyride has to be saved. It’s the best ride at the fair and has been for many many years. Keep the history and fun alive!

Sadie Uneberg

Save the skyride. Open it for other events.

Jon Hollis

Keep this treasure in Tulsa. If there are other activities around ie shopping, eating try having it open around holidays, weekends or seasonal as well.

Rachel Bond

Only ten left? We should highlight and capitalize on that. This thing has equity in it as far as I can tell, has probably long been paid off and is a staple of the fair! Maybe they could open it for other special occasions? Or could come up with creative events around the ride? Create an art installation around it? I’ve got ideas! Lol

Ashley Seay

Save the Skyride

Randa Jankowski

Please save the skyride. It’s my favorite thing at the fair.

Charletta Sasnett

I was bummed when I noticed it was not operating this year! Save the Sky Ride!!!

Chris Jackson

The skyride should stay as a Tulsa tradition because families look forward to riding it every year during the fair.

Karaann Smith

Please save our beloved Tulsa Skyride. It was truly missed this 2021 fair!

Please save our Skyride it’s s huge part of our history that doesn’t need to be dismantled and destroyed. I heard so many people that needed the Skyride for help getting back to the other end of the fair. The other comments were, “It’s a part of the tradition looking over our beautiful fairgrounds! “

Mike McGuirk

My family was sad to see the Sky Ride gone this year.

Danielle Crandell

I love the sky ride. It is the only ride I go on. I have many old memories of our sky ride!

Linda Jill Brown

Save the SKYRIDE!!!!

Alyssa Sullivan

ENOUGH with tearing down our local traditions! Tulsa has almost none left and we deserve better than this!

Colin Braumiller

Was sad to see the sky ride not operating.

Stephanie Owens

The fair-goers were greatly missing the historic and traditional SkyRide!

Beveryle Tighe

Please keep this, charge to ride just like Oklahoma City and their Ferris wheel! We could make this an extremely cool area! Put up a big letter sculpture like OKC, but TUL and some how add in mini golf or something.. I know it’s all parking lot but we have to save this :’)

Hannah Farina

Why is it being threatened and who is responsible?

Emily Simpson

Have enjoyed it each time I have been at the fair!

Neva Byfield

Why is Oklahoma trying to destroy our State Fair Parks? In OKC they got rid of everything, race track, monorail and the Space Needle. Now they have NOTHING. I guess Tulsa wants to have a dead, has-been worthless Fair also. SAVE the Skyride!

Harold Hasel

Please bring the sky ride back. It’s one of the greatest parts of the tulsa state fair.

Brytni Hogan

My son has Autism and doesn’t like very many things, but the Skyride was his favorite. He was heartbroken when he found out it wasn’t running this year. Please save it!!!

Rene Kingfisher

I’ve ridden the skyride since the 70s. So many memories! Missed it so much this year!

Melissa Pillars

I love this ride!!!

Dean Martin

I love this ride it’s the staple of my childhood I need it back I used to ride it back and fourth 20 times probably each year!!!!

Chris Durnal

Love it, please save and preserve the history of it.

Dani Camacho

So sad it will not be running. Was looking forward to riding it.

Andrea Ring

We love riding the Tulsa Skyride! Please keep this historic treasure for us all to enjoy!

Joan Wilcoxen

don’t take skyride away!!! we missed it this year !!!

Maria Mercado

Please keep the skyride going, it has a lot of memories attached.

Heather Yartz

Best ride ever. Don’t want to lose this ride.

Becky Schell

I am disabled…this is the one ride I can enjoy and make memories with my grandkids.

Patricia Thomison

They closed Bells. This should be saved as a historic landmark.

Steve Harris

San Antonio used to have two sky rides from Von Roll Switzerland. It is very sad both were removed. I have traveled to Tulsa to visit the state fair just to ride the sky ride. There is less then 10 of these in the USA. Please consider saving the sky ride and keep her running for more fans of the state fair and the sky ride for many years to come!

Raul Medina

I lived in Tulsa for forty plus years, grew up there. Hhave went to the fair for around 50 years. Every year we come to Tulsa and go to the fair and always look forward to riding the skyride, one of the best rides every age can enjoy, also back in the 70 and 80s worked to make extra money and worked at concessions at Ice Capades. Love our great fair but quit taking things away for example our beloved Bell’s. Stop! It will never be the great fair it once was without Bell’s. But it’s a family tradition we still come every year. Of course we did not get to last year. Thanks for having it this year!

Peggy Peck

The sky ride has been a favorite of our family for 30 years. It’s such a unique piece of the Tulsa State Fair and deserves to remain a mainstay for many more years to come.

Corbin Francis

Hey I want to sign up to help save the skyride and I want it running and operating and I don’t want it removed.

Princess Olivia Alyce

This is the main reason we come to the fair!

Rachel Coe

I’ve rode the skyride since I was a kid and I’m 66! Please leave it opened and don’t take away the joy for the younger generations!!!

Kathy E.

The SkyRide is a part of Tulsa history and is one of my favorite childhood memories!

Elena Arroyo

These kinds of experiences are becoming much too rare and will not be replaced.

Barry Hill

Only one left, like admiral twin drive in. It’s home.

Jim Robinson

VR101 ropeways based at their uniqueness have to be preserved for future generations !!!

Markus Lehmann

We need to save these classic rides!

Jeff Brown

I have ridden many Von Rolls over the years, several of which no longer exist. This is a historic Von Roll. Please do not add this to the list of defunct Von Roll sky rides. Thank you.

John Voymas

These historical rides are disappearing across the country and should be preserved for future generations to enjoy. You can’t learn about history if you remove history.

Jason Belavic

You have a treasure. Please don’t destroy it.

Shawn Sanders

I have ridden this sky-ride before. It is one of the few left in this country. It is still a popular ride at the fair – please do not remove it!

Stephen Cumming

Save Tulsa Skyride

Janet Coffman

Please retain this piece of history!

Susan Brown

VonRoll Skyways need to be kept intact and preserved.

Berrett Maynard

Save this ride.

Molly Nieman

Please save the Skyride!

Chad Majer

My dad put a lot of these up.

Greta Corbin

Please save this historical ride!!

Karla Aquino

The Tulsa Skyride is the only aerial lift in Oklahoma. Every state has at least one such lift except Arkansas, Louisiana and Hawaii. It would be sad if Oklahoma joined that list with the removal of the Tulsa Skyride.

Peter Landsman

[NOTE:] Peter’s comment above is correct. For clarification, however, he refers to all types of aerial lifts. At present, only eight states still have Von Roll skyrides, Oklahoma included.

Hello. The Tulsa Skyride is a historical landmark of the City of Tulsa. For many generations, fair visitors took a ride on the classic Von Roll Skyride, this year, the tradition since 1965 has been stopped. The historical significance of the Von Roll Skyride is amazing. Dates back to Walt Disney himself. Walt bought a Von Roll Skyride for his park, Disneyland, in 1956. Some 9 years later when Walt Disney was still alive, Tulsa had their Skyride installed. The Tulsa State Fairgrounds has a asset on their hands that only 2 other Fairgrounds in the World have. A rare, classic Von Roll Skyride. Still popular rides today, SeaWorld San Diego has approximately 1.7 million riders per year.. The San Diego Zoo Skyfari is the busiest aerial ropeway in all of California with approximately 4.7 million riders a year.. Let’s keep the classic Skyride for many years to come. Thank you

Robert A.

More comments will be added here soon. Huge thanks go to everyone who has submitted comments for saving the Tulsa Skyride!

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