Welcome to the Tulsa Skyride

NOTE: This was originally just a test post. The content below was added on 2021/10/02.

I created this website to promote the Tulsa Skyride with the following objectives:

  • increase awareness of the skyride
  • increase appreciation of the skyride
  • educate people about the skyride
  • show the beauty of the skyride
  • share a sense of the skyride’s appeal and the uniqueness of the skyride experience

At the request of other friends of the skyride, the site is also being used to advocate for the preservation of the skyride because we are at risk of losing it forever. Because of the urgency, the site essentially has been written online as an ongoing first draft. Even today, the initial content is not fully complete and edited. But there is now content on every page worth seeing.

It would be a significant loss to have this beautiful and beautifully-renovated skyride taken away. This Swiss Skyride, of the same type first brought to the United States by Walt Disney, is one of only ten installations of this kind remaining in the United States.

The skyride is NOT just another midway ride. It’s much bigger than that. It’s historic. It’s a Tulsa tradition. It’s a family favorite.

A lot of people, understandably, may take the skyride for granted. It’s not at the center of their attention, even though they may be fans of the skyride. It’s easy for people to think that the skyride will always be there.

And the skyride always has been there since 1965. Let’s give it the support and spotlight that it deserves so that Oklahomans and visitors from all over can continue to enjoy this one-of-a-kind experience for years and years to come.

Please be sure to sign the online petition to help save the Tulsa Skyride!


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The Texas State Fair Sky Ride had Gangloff cabins with windows that could be opened when the weather was warm, and closed when it was cold. They were also tinted a blue color.

Have signed the petition, would be so sad to lose the skyride, growed up in Tulsa moved to ark but still have gone to the fair every year for over 50 years, always loved the skyride because it is a great ride for any age and so beautiful overlooking Tulsa at night, the sad thing is they will probably get rid of it just like they did the monumental Bell’s, it was always so much fun to go to Bell’s and the fair!

Peggy, I can’t thank you enough for your support of the skyride! Even though the Bell’s removal brought so much sadness, the bright spot was that despite all of that, they chose to keep the skyride. The case for keeping it now is even much stronger than it was in 2007 because of the massive amount of improvements that have been made to the skyride since then. We need everyone to speak up, like you, in favor of keeping the skyride and running it again in the future.

This ride has had so much money invested in the last few years.. that taken it down would be a waste of money.. not only that but this is tulsa history.. I can remember riding it myself many times over the years.. it’s a safe ride for the elderly also.. please save the tulsa skyride.. they already took the zingo! Bells! And many other attractions that tulsa loved.. why not leave it alone? I have a great idea.. leave it open during the year on weekends!

Thank you, Sandra, for your comments and your suggestion! Thanks, too, for signing the petition in support of saving the Tulsa Skyride!

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