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As Long as the Skyride Is Still Standing a Solution Can Be Found

Published: 2022/05/13Last Modified: 2022/05/19 for clarification. In the post below, this sentence:The previous operator maintains a good relationship with the county officials and Expo Square.was replaced with this sentence to add clarity:The previous operator, Don McClure of DMC Tulsa LLC, maintains a good relationship with the county officials and Expo Square. First, do no harm. […]

people Dedication: Steve Shelton

This site is dedicated with respect and gratitude in memory of Steve Shelton. Steve Shelton was Mr. Tulsa Skyride.  We didn’t call him that.  But he was definitely Mr. Tulsa Skyride. The Tulsa Skyride was the pride and joy of his career.  He started out working at Bell’s Amusement Park as a teenager. Over the […]

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After a City Loses its Skyride

How long does it take a city to heal from the loss of its beloved skyride? It takes a long time. Just ask the people of San Antonio. In San Antonio’s beautiful Brackenridge Park in 1964, a brand-new Von Roll skyride opened. The skyride operated between the San Antonio Zoo and the Japanese Sunken Garden, […]


Welcome to the Tulsa Skyride

NOTE: This was originally just a test post. The content below was added on 2021/10/02. I created this website to promote the Tulsa Skyride with the following objectives: increase awareness of the skyride increase appreciation of the skyride educate people about the skyride show the beauty of the skyride share a sense of the skyride’s […]